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  • One-JAR(TM)  v.0.97One-JAR(TM) is a simple solution to a vexing problem in Java: how to distribute an application as a single jar-file, when it depends on multiple other jar-files. One-JAR uses a custom classloader to discover library jar files inside the main ...
  • GL PDF Render  v.1.0GL Render PDF is a library to help to render PDF files inside a 3D world. The PDF render uses Fitz/MuPDF as the PDF render engine and GL Render PDF creates a Texture ready to be used in an OpenGL virtual world.
  • HideInExe  v.1.0A steganography tool that hides files inside PE files and allows you to encrypt them.
  • SWTLoader  v.1.0SWTLoader is an elegant hack to ease SWT program deployment. With SWTLoader you can produce self-contained, double-clickable jar files with the needed native files inside them. Users will just have to double click your file: no more scripts or installers ...
  • Remove Duplicate Files Premium  v.9.37Remove Duplicate Files - automatically remove duplicate files with user-friendly duplicate file remover. Best way to remove duplicate files - remove duplicate files using duplicate file remover wizard, remove duplicate files and remove duplicates.
  • Zeta Resource Editor Translation Toolkit  v. Resource Editor Translation Toolkit is a free application that enables you to edit arbitrary string resources from multiple different resource files together inside one single data grid.
  • Rtf Txt to Flash Converter 3000  v.7.4With the powerful converter to distribute your files on the Internet for other people to see is easier.
  • SISXplorer  v.1.1SISXplorer allows you to Inspect and Extract all the files contained inside the 3rd Edition installation packages.
  • File Hound  v.3.08Find a bit of text inside any file ...
  • WinCatalog 2009  v.2.8A CD/DVD Catalog program. It's easy to search for files, music, movies pictures and documents. No matter if your files are stored on a CD, DVD, flash memory card or the hard disk, it will search for files even without inserting a disc!
  • OutDisk FTP for Outlook  v.4.62.15OutDisk FTP helps you upload your large files to a webserver so that you can share the download URL by email or through an instant message. It helps you avoid file size limitations in email. OutDisk both a desktop software and an add-in for Microsoft Out ...
  • Masker  v.7.5Masker is a program that encrypts your files so that a password is needed to open them, and then it hides files and folders inside of carrier files, such as image files, video, program or sound files. The strong encryption up to 448-bit and password ...
  • PeaZip 64 bit  v.7.5.0Free ZIP software for Windows 64 bit. Open Source. features strong encryption, secure delete, deduplicate, split, open, convert, extract RAR 7Z ACE APK BR CAB BZ2 DMG ISO GZ PAQ PEA sfx TAR ZIP ZIPX ZST files and many more, 200+ formats supported.
  • TorrentExtractor  v.0.3 BetaIt is a small tool for Windows ...
  • JFile System  v.1.0It simulates how file system, partitions works ...
  • Spindown or Stop Utility  v.1.0This utility is for use with all Western Digital external hard drives except for the Media Center and the Dual-option Backup drives.
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