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Duplicate File Sweeper  v.1.0.010

Do you have too many duplicate files (such as photo and mp2 song files) inside your PC? Too bad, since it waste your valueable hard drive space. Don't buy a new hard drive yet, just use Duplicate File Sweeper and get up to 50% extra hard drive space.

CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3  v.

New features in release 1.2: * Support for Amazon CloudFront service * Support for CNAMEs * Support for time limited or signed URLs * Apply ACL list to child objects (files inside a bucket) * Remember user settings. CloudBerry Explorer will open

22Pixels Flock  v.1.02

22Pixels Flock 1.02 offers you a powerful tool in digital resources which contains over 300 files inside. Flock contains 153 Fonts that self install, 158 brush packs for Photoshop 7 and up, self-install, and over 50 additional packs for Photoshop 7

Folder Icons For Creatives And Pros for Mac OS  v.1.0

Theese folder icons are for creatives and professionales. Nicely minimalistic and well fitting in the Leopard environment. The icons have all a resolution of 512px and are available in an iContainer or as ICNS-files inside the DMG-Image. Supports:

Chipmunk for Mac OS  v.1.2.7

A fast and easy to use tool to find and remove duplicate files. Files are automatically compared byte by byte to determine if two given files are true duplicates. Intelligent deleting can operate on all files inside a folder that exist outside of it

WinTrezur  v.1.0.8k

WinTrezur is a nice encryption program than protects photos and other files inside strong encrypted A2R archives so that individual files and their properties cannot be seen by non-authorized people. Images and text files can be viewed directly with

Hide In Picture  v.2.1

Hide In Picture is a program that allows you to conceal files inside bitmap pictures, using a password. The pictures look like normal images, so people will not suspect there is hidden data in them.

Less Parser  v.0.1.2b

Once you add your project folders to the application, it will automatically start monitoring the less files inside these folders for changes. After you have saved the less file, the application will automatically parse your less file into a regular

Advanced Mass File renamer  v.0.1

This is a python based UI application that can rename a part of a set of files inside a directory based on the provided regular expression. This gives a lot more flexibility compared to other renaming files since it used grouping principle. This had

AnyFile2Image  v.1.0

This project is a Steganography software that allows you conceal files inside any picture

D2GameEdit  v.b

D2GameEdit: This program will let edit the text files inside the MPQ files for Diablo

Image Comparitor  v.1.0

ImageComparitor is a utility for Mac OS X and Windows (technically everything since it's a Java program) designed to compare pictures/image files inside a folder for duplicate images (based on file hash) and remove excess duplicates (while retaining

Kioclucene  v.0.1.0

kio-clucene is a kde ioslave for clucene, a c++ implementation of lucene, a full-featured text search engine library. It gives any kde-application a friendly access to searching content of files inside directories, archives, and manyvirtual file

One-JAR(TM)  v.0.97

One-JAR(TM) is a simple solution to a vexing problem in Java: how to distribute an application as a single jar-file, when it depends on multiple other jar-files. One-JAR uses a custom classloader to discover library jar files inside the main

GL PDF Render  v.1.0

GL Render PDF is a library to help to render PDF files inside a 3D world. The PDF render uses Fitz/MuPDF as the PDF render engine and GL Render PDF creates a Texture ready to be used in an OpenGL virtual world.

HideInExe  v.1.0

A steganography tool that hides files inside PE files and allows you to encrypt them.

SWTLoader  v.1.0

SWTLoader is an elegant hack to ease SWT program deployment. With SWTLoader you can produce self-contained, double-clickable jar files with the needed native files inside them. Users will just have to double click your file: no more scripts or installers

File Hound  v.3.08

Find a bit of text inside any file

PeaZip 64 bit  v.7.5.0

Free ZIP software for Windows 64 bit. Open Source. features strong encryption, secure delete, deduplicate, split, open, convert, extract RAR 7Z ACE APK BR CAB BZ2 DMG ISO GZ PAQ PEA sfx TAR ZIP ZIPX ZST files and many more, 200+ formats supported.

TorrentExtractor  v.0.3 Beta

It is a small tool for Windows

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